to remember life special moments

Legacy Custom Art work

Art Concept : Inspirational Art Quotes- Photography – Story-boarding – Compositing- Digital Painting

Step 1 : Upload Your Image or schedule Your Photoshoot

Upload one or several image that are meaning full to you

Your image(s) must be in the highest resolution possible.

. Images must be in the following format : JPEG, TIFF, PSD

. Shared folders to upload images can be: Google Drive or Dropbox

If you do not have a good picture enough. No problem.

>>> We can come to you!

Just email reach out to 619 384 67058 or to schedule your photo-shoot.

I will make sure that we spend an amazing time together! Whether this is an hour, a day or a week, I will capture all the images we need to create your art piece based on the story you want to share.

Step 2 : Choose Your Style

That is the fun par where you can go wild and crazy…

…Or just stay very classical.

Here are some example of the work you can ask for:

. Fantasy & Feeric world

. Cinematic & Movie poster

. Heroes & Legends

. Calendar themes ( Christmas, Easter, Halloween)

. Religious & Spiritual Icons

Anything is possible! Prior to bringing the art piece to life, I walk you through a storyboard process to identify and edit the story you want to capture.

I also make sure that we have all the tools, props and costume necessary to get the vision we want to create.

For any visual components that can’t be captured on location, I will use my magical skills and other images from photography banks to compose the art piece we are looking for with special effects and digital compositing.

Examples of images that can be introduced or created for the scene: Animals, light effects, trees, plants, stars, planets, tools, weapons, etc…

If you wish to have the images edited and retouched professionally just to share your story or remember your special life moments, you can so that as well.

Step 3: Choose Your Product

Every art work is usually designed for mural decoration.

We work with the finest American print companies for you to get the best quality from your prints that is durable and beautiful.

All prints come with premium museum quality paper in any sizes* with best fabric if images are printed on canvas.

. Print
. Metal
. Acrylic
. Frame

Art can also be featured on wall paper, sheets, carpets, bags, towels and much more such as coffee mugs, key chains  or magnets.

Just ask us what is available and we will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

* Please remember that the art size you get will be proportional to the image(s) you uploaded ans submitted if you choose to work with your own images and not get us do the photo-shoot work.

Call us for any inquiry to know what will look best on your walls.

Some examples for you to imagine....







Actor & Model Dan P.

I shot with William recently and he is an exceptional photographer who is great to work with. He is very creative and has a great eye for lighting and composition. He’s also a great positive person, and I’m happy that he’s now my friend! I give him 5 stars!

Steve Olsher

In a word, William is AMAZING! He greatly cares about his clients and his attention to detail is stellar. If you’re looking for a photographer who is a master of his craft, look no further. You’ve found the best there is!



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