1. Clarify your vision

Most people and business leaders suffer. They don’t have a clear vision.
Usually the reason is that very few people take the time to build their vision and invest in it. Pushing your vision is like going to the gym and pushing weights. It takes effort. But if you keep on working on your vision, it will work for you.

Sculpt your vision like a bodybuilder sculpting his/her muscles.

Working on your vision, requires you to come with the right mindset like a professional athlete constantly looking to improve.

If you struggle on clarifying your vision to focus on the image you want to create for yourself, your business or your life, I am here to support you.

I help overwhelmed, stressed and burnout business owners get a clear vision of where they want to go based on their current situation and their past stories.

As an advertising-documentary photographer, I do understand what it takes to extract a vision, take all of the puzzled pieces together and to build a story that you can be proud of.

As a visual Brand Expert, I help you focus on the big picture of where you want to go and the process to get there.
Under my guidance, you will be able to get crystal clarity and focus on the vision you want to create and attract.

2. Storyboard Framework

We help you :

. Design a storyboard narrative that gets people excited to learn more about you.

. Blend your message, AKA mission statement, with your hero story.

. Associate your brand story to a charity or a worth cause.

. Edit & organize your images to build a clear brand portfolio that flows.

. Design and retouch visuals to create iconic signature images for your brand, that will be ready to go in any high end magazine or advertising campaign.

3. Visual Storytelling Documentary

We help you :

. Spend a full day with me to capture your image or event.

. Or get your adventure, charity or expedition professionally documented.

. 10000- 15000 shots are taken during a documentary depending on the scope of project.

. A first edit keeps 10 % of the images to create the story: 1000-1500 images.

. 3 days later a second edit keeps 10% of the first edit to narrow down the the body of the story to 100-150 images.

. These images are edited and sequenced to create a visual story that flows.

. Finally a third edit keeps 10% of the best iconic images of the story : 10-15 images.

. These last images get a special retouch to become Art quality Museum pieces ready to go in luxury galleries, private collections or auctioned to raise capital for charities & foundations.

4.Publish & Expose

Piggy back ride our marketing efforts and get visible on influential platforms.

. Start a campaign and position your business as a sustainable and meaningful eco friendly on the Earth Project. The platform that brings together the best brands and product committed to honor and protect the planet.

. Start a mission or position your brand as a Transformational Leadership Experience on Branding Super Heroes.

. Get access to our Rolodex of Media Partners to look and sound good on camera.

. Get your brand voice in front of our Rolodex of podcast partners.

. Turn your images into fine art pieces.

. Transform your images into powerful art quotes to show your values.

. Stand out with art galleries prints exposed in residential and commercial locations.

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