About Me

William Metivet is an international photographer, explorer and environmentalist, seeking to honor and defend our beautiful planet as an Earth Ambassador.


William Metivet focus is to document inspirational stories that unlock people’s human potential to become extraordinary leaders.

He uses his 30 years international work experience, to help people achieve their greatness and reach their power Image.

Master in positioning and leveraging brands for sustainability, profitability and visibility in the marketplace, his Creative Image Agency,
Your Brand Consultant serves elite luxury concierges and talent agencies across the world.

He is also the founder of a sustainable ecosystem composed of 4 pillars:

. The Earth Project, a platform that inspires people to create and share sustainable projects and inventions that really matter.

. Branding Super Heroes, an influential platform that connects heroes and sponsors to sustainable missions and adventures.

. Blooming Sense, a Sustainable Eco friendly product Marketplace to regenerate your home and office.

. Home Remedy book, a collection of amazing tips and tricks to create the best homemade natural cures and remedies.

William constantly travels around the globe to cover and produce documentaries related to sustainable projects, adventures and expeditions that make the world a better place.

His photography documentary work embraces subjects related to The human journey, Wildlife, and our changing planet.

William loves working in natural light, combining the techniques of the old masters with a perfect mastery of new technologies in order to capture the most subtle details, textures, and shades in his pictures.

Call upon William for any commissioned documentary work, brand consultation and spiritual image guidance.